Car insurance for studentsJul 30, 2013

Ways to get cheap car insurance for students

student-car-insurance Despite all new technologies and progress, student’s life does not seem to become easier. With the cost of education rising every year the problem of finding cheap yet effective student car insurance becomes a burning issue. How to make the right choice of policy for you and have the coverage you need on adequate price? Look through the ways to get really cheap auto insurance for students and never be at sea in this question.

Even the most strict and conservative insurance company has discounts for students that are considered to be good ones. To get auto insurance for students using your positive academic development, you have be on your Dean’s list or honor roll in the previous semester, or to be at the top 20% of students in your class, or simply have average “B” or higher, and GPA 3.0. Being a good student will give you a chance to get cheap car insurance for students, as it is believed that good students are to become responsible drivers. If you are a really good student, contact your insurer and be prepared to show the proof of your academic success.

More tips on getting cheap student car insurance

Being a paragon of perseverance and diligence is not the only way to get discounts on best car insurance for students. Even if your grades are not high, you may save money on car insurance if you have perfect driving record and you never take part in illegal activities like racing on the highways or reckless driving. The other important factor that influences your rates is the type of car you drive: if it is not modified by spoilers or turbo kits, it will definitely be cheaper to insure. Instead tuning get a theft protection device – owing it will lower your rates for insurance. Getting the car that has airbags and anti-lock brakes will also count. Low mileage discount would be helpful if you live on campus and drive occasionally.

If you are a parent looking for auto insurance for teenagers that will not raise your insurance rates, have no fear of giving your child car keys. Besides the tips listed above you may also think about sharing car with your teen child, and thus he or she will be listed as secondary driver and save you some cash. Similar to this one is resident student discount – if your child comes home from time to time and uses your car, he or she needs insurance, but it won’t cost you a lot.

Cheap car insurance for teenagers is not a myth – address your insurer to learn more.